Veteran Volunteer Group Honors Martin Luther King

An exciting group of volunteers is activating in our region — a group of veterans who are passionate, hard-working, and dedicated to making change in our community.  This group is the newly launched Sacramento Platoon of  The Mission Continues, a nonprofit service organization working to empower vets in their adjustment home, helping them to find purpose through community impact.   This group gives veterans a new mission, one in their direct community where they can make an impact as they aim to reshape our nation through continued service and camaraderie.


On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Team Giving partnered with The Mission Continues and three nonprofits located at the Maple Neighborhood Center (La Familia Counseling Center, 916 Ink, and the Sacramento Adventure Playground) to complete a variety of volunteer projects.  Their second volunteer day at this site, 29 volunteers invested their morning in their local community, completing over 100 hours of service, and creating change that will impact hundreds of families who visit the Maple Neighborhood Center each month.

“We work hard because our work changes lives and shapes communities.  That’s why we tackle every day and every mission with enthusiasm.” – The Mission Continues Core Value (1 of 5): Work Hard

In a matter of hours, a playground was transformed: one swing became eight, soft new mulch was laid down, and what was once an exciting, adventurous area for children to play while parents receive services was restored to its family-friendly state.  When a fellow veteran at Right Striping heard about the project, the business decided to volunteer, too, and what was previously a precarious, confusing lot of near-misses is now a safe place to park.  La Familia staff was so happy to have a solution!


Nonprofits are working daily in our neighborhoods to meet very real needs our community members face — and these nonprofits have real needs, too.  Volunteers can meet those needs, and projects like these prove that volunteerism benefits everybody.  Volunteers are able to enjoy their time together with other veterans and their families, to put their skills into action, and to add value to their community in a tangible way.  Nonprofits benefit from having the people power and community resources donated by these helping hands, and their clients hear the message from the community, “We are here, we care, and we will help.”